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Care Credit
When an emergency happens with your pet it can cause financial hardship, by taking 5 minutes and getting pre-approved you can show up at our clinic knowing that you will have the financing available to treat your pet appropriately without suffering an immediate financial loss.

We gladly accept Care Credit. If money is an issue for treating your pet, follow the instructions below. It is quick and easy and may make a large difference in how you choose to treat your pet.

Here’s a quick overview of how CareCredit works

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Important Information on CareCredit

If you are approved for CareCredit, you can select from several different payment plans offered by your healthcare provider. Once you have selected your promotional financing plan, remember that the terms of your specific promotion last only the length of your promotional period. For example, if your provider offers 12 Month No Interest Financing, you will need to make at least the minimum monthly payment outlined on your statement and pay the entire balance within 12 months to avoid being assessed finance charges from the date of purchase. Not all payment plans are available at every healthcare provider. Click here for detailed terms and conditions Click here to proceed to carecredit application